Pottawatomie County commissioner talks Flint Hills Metropolitan Planning Organization membership concerns

The Pottawatomie County Commission is beginning to question whether its annual contribution of approximately $5000 to the Flint Hills Metropolitan Planning Organization, which helps coordinate and promote the area’s transportation system, is worth the return.
Dee McKee, a Pottawatomie County commissioner, spoke about some of her concerns on Tuesday’s In Focus, saying being part of the FHMPO makes gaining access to federal funds more complicated.
      McKee 1
McKee also addressed the cost increases that can come with being an FHMPO member, specifically referencing labor costs for the US-24 Highway/Green Valley Road intersection project.
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According Peter Clark, Pottawatomie County Public Works director, county officials were against joining the FHMPO when it was formed in the early 2010s as they did not want to deal with extra bureaucracy.
The county was required to become a member, however, due to the urbanization of the Blue-Township area.

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