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Pottawatomie county courthouse

A Manhattan man has ben sentenced to more than four years with the Kansas Department of corrections for aggravated burglary. Christopher Webber, 30, was remanded to serve 57 months with KDOC during his sentencing Thursday in Pottawatomie county court. Webber entered a plea of no contest in April to aggravated burglary. He had faced several charges in connection with a string of burglaries in Pottawatomie County, and in and around rural Manhattan.

Also Thursday in Pottawatomie county court, Jon Getzlaff ,24, of Wamego was sentenced to 24 months on drug-related charges and 12 months on an escape charge. The sentences are to run consecutively, but Getzlaff will be eligible for probation when he comopletes his KDOC sentence in the drug case. Getzlaff escaped from the Pottawatomie county detention facility exercise yard last month on a Friday morning. He was being held on a variety of drug-related charges.

And Charles Gillespie,71, of Manhattan received a 12 month sentence for aggravated assault, and eight months for aggravated battery. The sentences are to run consecutively, but Gillespie was granted probation for 24 months. Gillespie was arrested in December.


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