Pottawatomie County Scam



At least two Pottawatomie County residence have fallen victim to yet another phone scam.  These scams occur when a grandparent receives a call from someone identifying themselves as being with the American Embassy in Mexico, and that their grandchild is in trouble. 

The suspects in this matter have the name of the grandchild, and in one instance the victim could hear what sounded like their grandchild in the background.  The suspect tells the victim that their grandchild is being held, and that money is needed to be wired for their release. 

The grandparents are told not to contact anyone, that they need to just send the money.  In another incident the grandchild was being held by Police in Mexico. 

The victims in these cases have lost thousands of dollars, thinking they are helping their grandchildren, however they later find out that their grandchildren were never in any danger, or jail. 

Those who receive one of these calls, are told to try and contact the person the suspect says they have in jail, or contact your local law enforcement agency. 

In the cases the sheriff’s office has been notified of, the suspects are not within the United States and it is unlikely the victims will ever receive their money back.


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