Pre-trial Hearing in Pottawatomie County Homicide Case

Pottawatomie County Justice Center

Pottawatomie County Justice Center

An August 25th trial still is planned for a St. Marys man, charged with second degree homicide and aggravated assault, although there was a hint of a possible resolution in the case. 
Pablo Gonzalez’s Defense Attorney, Ron Evans, indicated that possibility in Pottawatomie County District court Monday afternoon.
Gonzalez’s charges stem from a New Year’s Day incident in which Levi Bishop, 24, of Rossville was found dead inside a vehicle from a gunshot wound..
Judge Jeff Elder asked for any resolution to be made known to him immediately to forego a possible jury pool of 70 to 80 people, but in the meantime the trial is set for a couple of weeks from now.
When asked about pre-trial preparations, County Attorney Sherri Schuck  indicated two KBI reports will be included, with one involving DNA testing. She anticipates up to a dozen witnesses for the state.
Evans says an expert has been looking at several pieces of evidence, but he doesn’t expect many more witnesses than that for the defense. There were also questions about the preliminary hearing transcript, which Evans says he’s still waiting to see. Evans added if he doesn’t have the transcript by Thursday or Friday he’ll likely ask for a continuance.
Judge Elder also asked for suggested jury instructions as soon as possible, and reminded attorneys of culpable intent stipulations.
The trial is expected to last about a week. Schuck told the court jury selection would likely take most of the first day, with two and a half days for her witnesses. Evans told Judge Elder he may have to ask for a continuance in a Garden City case he’s involved in that’s supposed to have a court proceeding Friday of that same week.
Pablo Gonzalez

Pablo Gonzalez


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