Property developers want Pottawatomie County government to conduct study of revenue generated by development


About a month after the Pottawatomie County Commission adopted policy requiring all subdivision entrances be connected to paved roads, Commissioner Dee McKee, county officials and property developers met Thursday to discuss how the responsibility of paving certain roads might be shared.

This policy puts more of the burden of paving roads connected to subdivisions on the property developers.

Peter Clark, the Pottawatomie County Public Works Directer, says developers are wanting the commission to conduct a study examining how much revenue development creates for the county through taxes so decisions on shared responsibility will be based on facts and actual numbers.

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Among the developers in attendance was Rob Eichman, the owner of Midwest Concrete Materials, who says he wants the county to create a consistent policy.

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According to Clark, it is ultimately up to the commission whether a study should be pursued.

He says if the commission decides not to conduct a study, it can still come up with a separate policy for guidance.

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If the commission decides not to move forward with a study, Clark says developers will be responsible for figuring out how pave roads that are connected to subdivision entrances.

The meeting took place at the Sunflower Room in Westmoreland, which is also where the county commission has its weekly meetings.

The commission will not meet this Monday due to Martin Luther King Jr. Day, so the next county-commission meeting will take place on January 27th.



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