RCPD Arrests from Weekend


While details will not be available until after the  Veteran’s Day holiday, several arrests of note are listed on this past weekend’s Riley County Police reports.

Gary Lee Smith Jr., 34, of Manhattan was taken into custody on a warrant with charges including aiding and abetting in a crime and theft of property.  A failure to appear warrant is also involved. His bond was set at $100,000.

Antonio Sutton, 26, of Manhattan was arrested Saturday night on a failure to appear warrant, with bond set at $25,000.  Sutton was arrested in May for aggravated robbery. Sutton is believed to be one of two individuals who mugged Tyler Becker, 24, when he was walking through City Park May 11th. Several items were taken from Becker.

Another arrests includes Kenneth Willett, 30, of Ogden for failure to register as an offender, with $5,000.


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