RCPD director gives safety tips for the holiday season


As people finish their holiday shopping before Christmas, the Riley County Police Department has some ways to help protect them.

Riley County Police Department Director Dennis Butler explains that it’s as simple as locking your doors.  He says half of the cases they see of cars getting broken into, the doors were unlocked.  The other important item is to hide your valuables from sight.

“Even if you car is locked and they can see, it creates more temptation for them to want to get in there and take it,” says Butler.

Butler says the same goes for homes; lock the doors and keep presents/expensive items away from the windows. He also recommends keeping lights on when you are not at home.

“When you do that, people are less likely to try your door and take your stuff when they can be seen by the neighbors,” says Butler.

Speaking of, Butler wants the public to not be afraid to call the department if they see something suspicious.  He says this creates a sense of visibility to the area.

“People say they don’t want to bother us, but that’s what we are here for.  We’re here to come out and check things you are concerned about.  Please don’t hesitate or apologize when we come out,” says Butler.

Other holiday related safety tips the RCPD is focusing on is drunk driving, especially for New Years Eve.

“We know from statistics that people drive drunk a lot before they get caught, it’s a safety issue for you and for other drivers.  If you have a designated driver, you increase the opportunity to go out and celebrate the holidays without creating a problem for yourself and others,” says Butler.

Butler says he has seen many drunk driving accidents in his career that do not end well for the driver or the passengers. If a designated driver isn’t available, he also suggested calling a ride sharing service like Uber or Lyft.


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