RCPD is gradually getting back to pre-pandemic operations

As local businesses slowly begin to open back up, so do different parts of the Riley County Police Department.
Dennis Butler, the RCPD director, says inmate visitations started back up earlier this week.
      Butler 1
Butler also says the patrol and detective divisions will begin transitioning to more regular operations.
      Butler 2
Other aspects of the department involving citizens, such as the citizen ride-along program and building tours, are currently on hold and will be reevaluated later this summer.
The COVID-19 pandemic has affected other areas of the Riley County Police Department, including the communications department.
Butler says the pandemic has really shown some of this department’s needs.
      Butler 3
Butler also spoke about how extensively COVID-19 could affect the communications department if a dispatcher were exposed to the virus.
      Butler 4
RCPD and government officials have previously discussed expanding the communications department beyond its current space of about 490 square feet.
Officials say extra space is needed for training and dispatcher retention.

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