On Thursday afternoon the Riley County Police department assaulted several members of the news media…. Those who signed a waiver anyway for a demonstration of the police force’s use of TASER platforms within the community.

One of the community members also stepped up to experience the effects of TASERs. Community Advisory Board member Edward McNamara.  McNamara said after taking an “exposure” to the TASER that he can see how it could take the fight out of a suspect.

The TASERS are powered by special cartridges with capacitors holding 50,000 Volts, police are quick to point out that those volts don’t actually get applied to the target however . The older X26 version has one charge per cartridge, and the newer X2s have two to either apply the voltage again or engage another target with the voltage applied ranging somewhere below what powers a standard Christmas light.

According to RCPD TASER instructor Lt. Tim Schuck it allows officers to gain an advantage in a hostile situation, and officers undergo training at least three times a year to engage in scenario based training to certify all sworn officers (those of Lieutenant or below) within the police force.

The signals emitted by the device mimic signals from the nerves that operate motor function. The pulses themselves are delivered by a circuit created by the fluids in the target body, and two prongs from the TASER system…. Police say The effects can incapacitate an opponent no matter what state of intoxication, or level of adrenalin.

For a short video of the event click here.

RCPD Lt. Greg Steere

RCPD TASER Instructor Lt. Greg Steere

RCPD TASER instructor Lt. Tim Schuck

RCPD TASER media event instructor Lt. Tim Schuck

TASER prongs with Pen for scale

TASER Prong components RCPD media event


TASER with cartridges and other components


TASER RCPD media event


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