Recognitions and food pricing on USD 320 agenda


Wamego Coaches and Athletes were recognized by the School Board. At Monday’s USD 320 Board of Education meeting, Board President Richie Chrest introduced Coach Rick Patton and of the some of the team that qualified and placed in the State Track meet. Besides track, Patton’s other team’s , varsity girls, varsity boys, junior varsity girls and junior varsity boys swept the league in titles. Also recognized was Dawn Schultz and her team for being selected to the All NCKL Softball Team. Schultz said she is looking for greater things to come since only one of the team graduated this year. Both teams were praised for all their hard work and dedication.

In other business, Food Service Director Laura Fails went over 2011-12 Food Service report and meal pricing, which will be increasing slightly. Director Jon Stoddard gave a comprehensive update on USD 320’s building and grounds. He’s new to the department as of January 2012, but has plans for substantial savings to the district. Transportation Director Larry Hannan presented a report concerning the costs incurred by the district to provide transportation for pre-school students to private daycare facilities. The board tabled any action on Hannan’s report, but will review the issue again.

Wamego Middle School students are being prepared for high school. At Monday’s USD 320 Board of Education meeting, Middle School Principal Vici Jennings presented a proposal for a late start for the Middle School, similar to what the High School has done for years. According to the plan, called the Professional Learning Communities (PLC) Friday, the student would arrive between 7:45 and 8:45, with classes actually starting at 9 a.m. (one hour later). Even with a later start to the day, class time would be preserved. To make up the time difference, class periods, passing periods and lunch periods would be shortened, and the school would remain in compliance with the Negotiated Agreement for required planning time. The Friday morning time (7:45 to 8:45) would be used for pre-teaching, review, practice and enhancements. According to Jennings, following this schedule would be a stepping stone to the schedules already in place at Wamego High School. The Board approved the request with the stipulation of reviews on a regular basis.


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