Girl Stuck in River Survives


wamego policeWamego Police responded to a water rescue Sunday afternoon at the Kansas River, just off of Pine Street. A news release from the police department indicated a nine year old female was holding onto a branch about 20 feet into the waterway. A combined effort involving several police officers and another individual were  able to get the child to safety.

The investigation indicated the nine year old was sitting next to the Kansas River with her 17 year old sister about a mile west of where she was rescued when she fell in. According to the Wamego Police Department, the  sister jumped in to help her sibling and they both floated until they were able to grab onto a log by the K-99 bridge.

The sisters were forced to let go of the log and continue to float down the river because the water was rising above their heads and they felt they were going to drown.

After reaching the shore, the 17 year old was able to get help while her nine year old sister held onto the tree branch.

After arriving to the scene officers found resident Michael Connolly in the water attempting to save the nine year old girl. Officer Powell attempted to throw a flotation device to the child but was unsuccessful. After fearing for the child’s life Officer Derek Gray entered the river and swam to the child.   Powell was then able to get the flotation device to  Gray and the child and both were pulled to the shore by Connolly and Powell.

The Wamego Police Department commended all individuals involved during the incident for their quick response and thinking.

The police department also advises residents to never go in to flood waters without the proper training and safety equipment.


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