Retiree Groups Want Boost in Public Pensions


TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) Groups representing Kansas retirees want state lawmakers to provide annual cost-of-living increases in pension benefits for former teachers and government workers.

The Kansas Coalition of Public Retirees notes in a recent report that the last such adjustment for all retirees was in 1998. The report suggests tying increases in benefits to the consumer price index. The coalition includes 39 organizations.

However, its proposal isn’t likely to get much traction with the Republican-controlled Legislature.

The Kansas Public Employees Retirement System projects a gap of $9.2 billion between anticipated revenues and benefits promised to retirees from now until 2033.

State Sen. Jeff King says it would be irresponsible to grant cost-of-living increases without boosting KPERS revenues. The Independence Republican helped write a law this year designed to attack the long-term funding gap.


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