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Riley County Commission 2013A request to a hire a part-time person was granted, while some other positions are up for review.

In November of last year, positions were approved for the Riley County public works department and the planning and development department.  Public works received two positions to fill the gap of Assistant Public Works/Parks Director, Rod Meredith’s retirement.  Planning and development gained one position as well around that time.  Human Resource Manager, Cindy Volanti told the county commission, during their Thursday meeting it’s time to review these positions.

Volanti recommended using McGrath consulting for this task, as they are efficient and not very costly.  McGrath will review the job descriptions, review the county’s pay structure, and establish a grade for the positions.

The commission approved this request for both the public works and the planning and development positions.

Volanti also provided an update on the health department interim administration.  The date for current Riley County Health Department Director, Susie Kufahl’s last day is April 2nd.  A chain of demand for the department was requested by the commission.  For this reason, Volanti presented areas of concentration to focus on during the interim period. The commission came to a consensus that the supervisors at the department will report to County Clerk, Rich Vargo.

With the current vacancy of an APRN, at the department, concern was raised on filling this position in a timely manor.  Volanti mentioned they are currently re-advertising for the position, as the first pool of candidates were un-qualified.  With the position not being filled at this time, Kufahl mentioned it prevents the department from being able to provide different services and for that reason, they have been turning some patients away.

Emergency Management Director, Pat Collins also expressed concern regarding staff in his department.  With the large amount of brush fire calls, staff is consistently answering phones throughout the day, which takes away from their other work.

Collins asked to hire a part-time staff person to answer the phones for the three month long “brush fire” period.  The commission approved this request.

The name change of the Public Health Advisory Board, to the Public Health Advisory Council, questions were raised during a recent commission meeting on how to make this official.  It was decided, County Counselor, Clancy Holeman would write up a draft to be presented to the council.

The commission approved to present the written draft to the health council.


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