Riley County 4-H to hold Rummage Sales


More times than not, one person’s trash can be another person’s treasure.

The Riley County 4-H is helping people bring that treasure home with their 4-H Rummage Sales. John Jobe, Riley County K-State Extension 4-H Agent, says the sale is not their typical October and April garage sales, but he says their will still be plenty to choose from.

“This is kind of a smaller, non-donation, just rummage sale,” Jobe says. “So we have boxes and boxes of garage sale items out at Cico park in our open-air barn and we are going to have two sales.”

Jobe says the proceeds from the rummage sales will support the 4-H members who are attending the leadership program, 4-H Citizenship Washington Focus, in Washington D.C. He tells KMAN that the 4-H club takes a trip to Washington D.C. every three years and their next trip is set for the summer of 2022. He says it is a trip of a lifetime for the 4-H students.

“They meet with policy makers, they get to see about every monument in the Washington D.C. area, and it’s just a really cool exposure to that city, and, like I said, to the people who are making policy,” Jobe adds.

The two rummage sales will take place at Wreath Barn at Cico Park in Manhattan. The first sale is February 22nd from 12PM to 5PM and the second sale will be March 22nd from 12PM to 5PM.


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