Riley County Law Board Reorganized


Riley county law board 8-20-12

It was a day of reorganization–not only for county commissions in the area, but for the Riley County Law Board, as well. Riley County Clerk Rich Vargo swore in the newest law board members, County Commissioners Robert Boyd and Ron Wells.

And shortly after the two took their seats, a new Chair and Vice-Chair were elected, with John Matta unanimously elected as Chair. Secretary Barry Wilkerson called for the vote.  And the vice-chair vote also went quickly, with Law Board member Rich Jankovich making the nomination. Wilkerson was re-elected as Secretary.

It was also a day of good-byes for two others. Riley County Police Director Brad Schoen recognized outgoing Board Members Karen McCulloh and Loren Pepperd. Outgoing  Chair Karen McCulloh was appreciative of those she had worked with. And Loren Pepperd, who also was stepping down, had kind words for those associated with the board and Riley County Police Department.

While it was mainly a day of reorganization, Riley County law board members Monday did hear from Riley County police Director Brad Schoen regarding the 2014 budget preparation timeline. There was little discussion on the timeline, with newly elected Chair John Matta indicating he would have trouble making one of the meetings.


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