Riley County commission approves temporary election hire


Riley County commissioners approved the hiring of a temporary election worker for the upcoming primary election.

The primary election is being held for the Manhattan-Ogden USD 383 race due to the number of candidates. County Clerk Rich Vargo says his office was not prepared for a primary election, as one is not typically held for this race.

      Rich Vargo 1

State law says a primary election is to be held if the number of candidates exceeds three times the number of open positions plus one.

      Rich Vargo 2

The school board currently has three open seats and 10 candidates, thus meeting the state requirements for a primary election. The Manhattan City commission has also has three seats open, but only nine candidates.

      Rich Vargo 3

The primary election takes place on August 3rd,with advanced voting starting on July 14th. The voter registration deadline for the primary is on July 13th.


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