Riley County Commission Discusses Scenarios for Public Works Position


With the retirement of Public Works Director/Parks Director, Rod Meredith this year,  Riley County Commissioners have began discussing what the different options are to fill this position.

During Monday’s commission meeting, Human Resource Manager, Cindy Volanti listed off various scenarios the department came up with.    The first two scenarios involve keeping the public works and parks departments seperate and rearranging and/or hiring staff.  The rest of the scenarios involve the combination of public works and parks, and require rearranging and/or hiring as well.  For example, the third option would involve a hire, but would also involve eliminating two of the nine seasonal staff members.

Commissioner, Karen McCulloh expressed concern with the thought of adding new staff.  Public Works Director, Leon Hobson argued, saying the health department gained a new member to their team this year, and the public works department needs additional help as well.

The commission approved revisiting the scenarios with the new commision, and having Hobson revisit for approval to hire.

Hobson, alongside Assistant County Engineer, Gary Rosewicz, also brought forward the Konza water rate increase resolution.  The commission approved the resolution.

Community Corrections Director, Shelly Williams shared information regarding juvenile detention visitation policies.  This issue was brought up during a recent commission meeting, and the commission reccommended Williams research how other counties have their policies set up.  Currently, grandparents are not allowed to visit juvenile offenders in the correction facilities.  Williams hopes to get this changed, saying “those visits can be beneficial to a juvenile’s recovery”.  There are different options to be explored that other counties currently have in place, including letting juveniles earn more visits for good behavior.

 During the meeting’s press conference, various individuals shared upcoming events including Lori Bishop with RSVP of the Flint Hills.  The Festival of Trees kicks off Monday night with the ladie’s night event at the K-State Alumni Center.  The voting for the trees will be held every weekday and will conclude at noon on Friday.  The main gala event will be held Friday evening with a cocktail reception, silent auction and a dance.

Riley County Council on Aging President, Mary Jo Harbour gave her last commission report during the press conference, as she is passing on the torch to John Allard on January 1st.


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