Riley County commission extends emergency declaration

Riley County commissioners gave approval to extend the local emergency declaration during their meeting on Thursday.
This is still due to flooding experienced from the spring and summer. The idea of extending the declaration was brought up last week to help the city be reimbursed for the recent damages from flooding.

Emergency Management Director Pat Collins says not only are they still seeing flooding, but they cannot tell if it is related to recent flooding or earlier in the year.

“We still have roads underwater so it’s imperative we continue this on.  I don’t see any harm in keeping this open,” says Collins.
County Counselor Clancy Holeman says they don’t know what the condition will be on some of those roads and bridges once the flooding recedes. This declaration staying in place will help with federal reimbursements .

Commissioner John Ford agreed to keep it open saying he thought they would eventually reach this point.

“I’ve looked at some earlier modelings for winter and that is going to coincide with everything else we’ve already had,” says Ford, “I just think it will be less of a headache and more of a benefit to leave it open if there are no questions asked about gaps in time.”
The declaration will be extended for 30 days until October 14.  The commissioners are looking at the option to extend it again during their October 10 meeting, if need be.

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