Riley County Commissioner Meeting Draws a Crowd For Lakeside Heights Public Hearing


Public Hearing for Lakeside Heights Sewer District

Thursday’s Riley County Commissioner meeting had a few major items on the agenda, including the public hearing for the Lakeside Heights sewer district.  A map of the area and information regarding Lakeside Heights was provided by Assistant County Counselor, Craig Cox.  Cox explained the need for the sewer system due to difficult living conditions.  All property owners in Lakeside Heights are in compliance with the sewer benefit district, except one. 

Owner of lot 22, Dean Horton, and his wife, Maxine, attended the meeting to share their disagreement with the sewer district.  Horton said he purchased the property in 1977 as a vacation getaway.  The septic tank in place at the house is 49 years old and after having it approved in July, Horton thought this was all that was needing to be done.  However, he was unaware of the changes made in the codes, which required a sewer district be created in order to continue using the house.  Horton requested that he, and his wife’s, property be exempt from the sewer benefit district as he was unaware of the codes, and asked that the commission approve their septic tank.

Commissioner, Karen McCulloh informed Horton that if he did not want to be added to the sewer district, his property would be deemed “unlivable” and would become difficult to sell.  After being told this, Horton still did not want to be included.  Commissioners approved the Lakeside Heights sewer benefit district, excluding lot 22.

CIP Work Session Involving “Imperative Projects” Funding

Budget and Finance Officer, Johnette Shepek came before commissioners to share the current success of the CIP fund.  This particular part of the budget is exceeding expectations and Shepek asked commissioners to consider using extra money to fund part of the “equipment” category in the “imperative projects” part of the CIP fund.

Commissioners expressed concern regarding which items on the list should take precedence over others.  With department heads and members of the noxious weeds, parks and public works departments present, Commissioner, Dave Lewis asked each department head to give a “top two” of items on the list they need the most.  Each of the departments had specific items needed and reasoning behind their decision.  The final decided list totaled to around $448,000 and contained the following items:

  • new LEC elevator
  • 3/4 ton truck
  • HHW 3/4 ton truck
  • two 3/4 tons pick-ups
  • 1 and 1/2 ton pick-up
  • bucket lift truck
  • mower (for noxious weeds and parks)
  • 3/4 ton pick-up
  • mower/tractor

The various items on the list will benefit all three departments.  No official decision was made regarding this topic, but commissioners decided to revisit this topic at their Monday meeting.

Other Topics

A software upgrade for the Riley County Health Department has been a topic on a number of previous commissioner meeting agendas.  Commissioners finally voted to approve that the department move forward with the upgrade.  Health Department Director, Susie Kufahl also expressed the need for a lead clerk position, which commissioners later approved.

ATA Bus Director, Anne Smith expects the number of rides given at the end of the year to total around 100,000 rides, which is five times more than last year.  K-State has become the number one customer due to the number of bus routes.  After Smith shared the success of the bus system, commissioners voted to approve the promissory note building fund needed to go through with the new building construction.

County Counselor, Clancy Holeman asked that the proposed amendments to the county’s sanitary code be approved in his public hearing.  Commissioners had a few questions, but chose to approve the codes.  Commissioners also approved of Holeman’s AT&T master agreement request.


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