Riley County commissioners approve MOU with RCPD


Riley County commissioners approved a memorandum of understanding between them and the Riley County Police Department.

County Counselor Clancy Holeman says the MOU is meant to clarify their each entities role in the new firing range.  It is also meant to help clarify for the design company, who will be paying for the range design and construction.
Holeman says the company has had issues with not getting paid in the past due to ambiguity on who was paying. The MOU was ran past the company and they were satisfied.
“It does set out to show one of the urgencies in getting the design done since the design needs to be in the hands of Planning and Development so they are can do their required zoning process,” says Holeman.
Commissioner Ron Wells emphasized the contract stating the county will pay for construction and design. This does not include the targets that RCPD Director Dennis Butler wants the county to pay for.
“The county public works director has the final authority to approve or disapprove all county expenditures for the design and construction,” says Wells.
Wells also says since the targets are disposable, that shouldn’t be covered by the county.
County Counselor Clancy Holeman says he, RCPD Captain Josh Kyle, and Public Works Director Leon Hobson made sure the county has control of the money coming out. The county will be the ones who sign off on all the contracts and designs.
“I know they are going to take about 30 to 45 days to get the design, possibly a little less,” says Holeman.
Holeman says the next most likely step will be to meet with the RCPD and Public Works to discuss what the contract will look like.

Commissioners also approved 13 budget amendments during their meeting Thursday.

A public hearing was held to hear from the community on the amendments. However, there was no one from the public in attendance. Budget and Finance Officer Tami Robison stressed that the ad valorem tax dollars and mill levy will not be affected by the amendments.  The amendments also don’t say they are going to spend those dollars, just that they have the authority.

The funds that are being amended include:
  • General Fund
    RCPD Fund
    Special Parks & Recreation Fund
    County Building Fund
  • Community Corrections Fund
    Radio Infrastructure Project Fund
    EMS Grants Fund
    County Auction Fund
    Landfill Closure Fund
    Capital Improvement Fund
    Fire District #1
    Rural Fire Capital Improvement Fund

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