Riley County finalizes 2022 budget


Riley County commissioners formally approved the county’s 2022 budget on Monday.

The 2022 mill levy is 42.285 mills, which is a flat levy from the 2021 adopted budget. Budget and Finance Officer Tami Robison says the budget has four funds within the county that have ad-valorem taxes.

      Robison four funds

Commission Chair John Ford says staff did a good job of keeping the budget frugal and practical with the current situations. He was also glad they were able to take care of personnel.

      Ford on budget

While the budget remained flat, a few factors, including an increase in the RCPD budget, drove the rate past revenue neutral. The fire district also added three new fire stations, with two more on the way. Commissioner Kathryn Focke commended the work done by staff on the budget.

      Focke staff

Valuations for the average single-family home in the county increased by 2.2 percent. The overall budget totals $81.3 million, down about $95,000 from the previous year.


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