Riley County fire in Zeandale area


It was a hot day for a fire, with nine Riley county firefighters responding to a fire at an abandoned mobile home on Harwood Drive near Zeandale road this (Wednesday) afternoon. Assistant Fire Chief Doug Messer indicates the property involved belongs to Dwight Johnson, who lives at 1170 Zeandale Road…

Messer adds what makes the fire interesting is it’s the second fire on Johnson’s property in less than a week. Saturday Johnson had a fire in a well house, burning the wel house down. The Saturday fire involved $2500 in damage, but the mobile home fire really didn’t involve any loss as Johnson’s crews were preparing to move the mobile home out of the area anyway.

The fire (Wednesday) was caused when a crew cut electrical lines they thought were dead as they prepared to move the mobile home, but after lunch found the home was on fire.

The heat made it difficult for firefighters, who had to wear full gear, as they were dealing with a propane tank in the area.


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