School Board Members Discuss Due Process

MHS athlete, Darby Price and Board President, Curt Herrman

MHS athlete, Darby Price and Board President, Curt Herrman

“They won’t say it, but there is a large percentage of legislators who are opposed to public schools in general.  They’d much rather see it privatized.”

This statement was made by Board member, Dave Colburn during Wednesday evening’s Manhattan Ogden USD 383 School Board, as the board discussed the due process bill.

Over a week ago, the Kansas Legislature passed and sent a bill to Governor Sam Brownback that provides court-ordered equity funding for public schools.  During the meeting, some of the board members weighed in on the due process bill.

Colburn commented that the legislature should be deciding on these things out in the open, instead of passing it in the early morning hours with other bills.  Board member, Aaron Estabrook seemed to have a similar opinion on the matter, and said Senator, Tom Hawk, of Manhattan, had good things to say but “it’s just too bad they didn’t listen to him”.


MHS student athlete, Darby Price and MHS Basketball Coach, Scott Mall were both recognized during the meeting. Price was selected as Centennial League Girls Basketball Player of the Year and Mall was announced as Centennial League Girls Basketball Coach of the Year.

Mall was not in attendance for the meeting, but Price stood before the crowd and received a round of applause for her achievement.  Price said she signed her letter of intent with Rockhurst University earlier that day.


Differing opinions arose as the board discussed the non-discrimination statement for the employee and student manual.  This statement would be added to the current non-discrimination language, and would involve the LGBT children and staff.

Board members, Aaron Estabrook and Dave Colburn shared their thoughts, and seemed to agree that the additional statement was necessary.  Colburn mentioned this type of bullying is serious and the board needs to make sure it doesn’t happen.

Board member, Marcia Rozell commented, “I would like to just say ‘let’s not discriminate’, period, and not have to list it all out.  I’m going to side with what we are mandated to put in it.”

The motion to add the statement passed on a 4-2 vote, with Rozell and board member, Darell Edie opposed.


Some of the other items passed during the meeting included-the textbook adoption for the 2014-2015 school year, the Theodore Roosevelt playground structure, and the Bishop Stadium handrail design.  All of these were passed unanimously.


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