Senator Moran Opens A New Office In Manhattan


A ribbon cutting ceremony was held Tuesday morning to help open the new Manhattan area regional office of Kansas Senator Jerry Moran. This new office will serve as a liaison between the Manhattan community and the senator’s main office in Washington. It will also serve as an office for Moran when he is in the Manhattan area. Moran and his wife Robba, who both attended the event, are residents of Manhattan.

Moran expressed the importance of having an office in the area saying that “Fort Riley and Kansas State University are significant components of the assents of our state, and our ability to interact, and to represent, and to understand the issues of Fort Riley and Kansas State University as well as the communities of Manhattan, Junction City, and the surrounding areas is very valuable as I make decisions about how to vote in Washington D.C., what issues to pursue, and what are my priorities”.

Local residents will be able to use the office to speak with representatives of the senator. They will be able to discuss any issue that they may have with the government. Staff will forward those issues to Moran, and he will work to address them in the best way that he can. More importantly, Moran says, this office “will give the people of Manhattan a chance to have their voices heard in Washington”.


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