Senator Roberts “Disappointed” With Shutdown

Senator Roberts

Senator Roberts

U.S. Senator Pat Roberts issued a statement Tuesday about the government shutdown.

“No one wants a government shutdown”, Roberts commented. He said in the past 72 hours, republicans have offered up three different solutions to give the American people what they want, which is a goverment that works for the people and protection from the health care law that is hurting the economy.

According to Roberts, the Senate democrats have not considered a single one of these solutions.

Roberts added, “As predicted, the Obamacare exchanges opened (Tuesday) with massive problems.  Despite multiple delays and waivers for unions, corporations, and businesses, Obamacare is still being forced on the American people.  I am deeply disappointed my colleagues across the aisle will not consider solutions that acknowledge the widespread concerns expressed by the American people with Obamacare.”


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