Sentence In Infant Death Case

Dominick Lubrano

Dominick Lubrano

A 19-year-old Ogden man will serve more than 26 years in jail following Monday’s sentencing in Riley County District Court. Michael Dechant  had entered a no contest plea to second degree murder in connection with the death of six month old Dominick Lubrano.

Defense Attorney, Larry McCrell began his closing statement by saying, “There is no doubt Michael needs to be punished”.  He commented that Dominick needs to be remembered, but it was clear that “logical” thinking was suspended the day of the incident, as Dechant was possibly under the influence of drugs and very young.

“Six month old Dominick’s life was taken, tragically and suddenly”, Prosecuting State Attorney, Kendra Lewis commented.  She asked the court to sentence Dechant to 321 months.

Lewison also shared a statement from Dominick’s father who could not be present for the case.  It stated, like all parents, his father looked forward to seeing his sons full potential.

Dechant took the opportunity to share some last remarks:  “After he passed, I felt there was no meaning to life.  These past few months have been the most difficult.  I’ve screamed, cussed and at times cannot sleep or eat.  Dominick did not deserve to die.  Today, Dominick can finally rest in peace because justice has been served.”

Judge David L. Stutzman said, “I’m aware the parties have considered these circumstances and I think this is a reasonable agreement with a lot of thought”.  He added he thought the statement the parties had agreed on was in the best interest of everyone involved.

Stutzman sentenced Dechant to 321 months (26.75 years) with the secretary of corrections.  Post release supervision will follow for 36 months.

“What you do with those years then is up to you”, Stutzman said.


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