Soto Receives Life Sentence


A life in prison sentence has come to Domingo Soto, 42, in the case of aiding and abetting the first degree murder of Steve Freele back in December 2011 after his body was discovered beside a road in rural Riley County in the 5200 block of North 48th street.

That decision came after a denial for a motion for a new trial from Soto’s attorney, Richard Seaton, Jr.

Seaton stated that Soto did not receive his right to confront his accusor during his trial and since Michael Layne had accepted a plea deal he would have been available.

Judge Meryl Wilson denied the motion.

During the sentencing, Soto stated that “[he]didn’t know what [Layne’s] intention was”.

Along with the aiding and abetting first degree murder, Soto was also charged with possession and intent to distribute cocaine, methamphetamine and marijuana.  For these drug charges, Soto received about 48 months to be served concurrent to his life in prison sentence.

Soto may possibly be eligible for parole after a minimum of 25 years.


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