Structure fire near Manhattan prompts evacuation


A structure fire that occurred near Manhattan Friday evening forced residents to evacuate the building.

Fire crews responded to reports of suspected electric fire at around 10 pm Friday at a residence northwest of Manhattan on Fawn Circle.

Crews responding to the call arrived to flames inside the residence and emerging from the chimney.

Although there was limited damage, crews were able to restrain the fire to the living room, attic, areas close to the fireplace and some of the basement.

The fire also caused minor smoke damage to the structure.

Residents were able to evacuate from the structure before firefighters arrived and were able to stay in a hotel afterward.

Over 30 firefighters, including those from the Riley, Ogden, Tuttle Creek, Keats and Konza fire departments, responded to the scene and were able to suppress the fire within three hours of the call.

No injuries have been reported.


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