Student Body vote revealed for MHS mascot character


During Wednesday night’s Manhattan-Ogden USD 383 Board of Education meeting, Student Body President Lily Colburn revealed the results of the student body vote for the new mascot character.

The options for the vote were a coyote, wolf, bee, bison, or no character. Colburn said 63% of the vote went to the wolf.  The vote began with an online vote to see whether or not the students wanted a physical mascot or not.  Colburn said 53% of the students wanted a mascot.

The council then asked for suggestions and received over 972.  They then narrowed the vote down to the five options according the criteria of the ones that appeared the most, the ones that fit, and the criteria given to them by the board.  The vote continued and kept asking if students wanted the character.

“We saw an increase every time of students who wanted a physical mascot,” said Colburn, “That very clearly comes from education about what the vote meant.  We saw an increase of 58 to 63% in the paper ballot voting.”

Although the vote was revealed during the meeting, no action has taken by the board yet and a decision will be made at a later date.  Also this vote is to change the mascot character, not the name or image.  MHS will remain the Indians.

The MHS student council was tasked with finding a new mascot character by the board back in September.


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