“The Game” Podcast 04/16/14


“The Game” on KMAN breaks down more from Bill Snyder’s press conference on Tuesday afternoon. What are some of the more intriguing position battles on the offensive side of the ball? The K-State athletic department extends the contract for K-State basketball coach Bruce Weber through 2019. What does that say about what Bruce Weber has done for the program over his first two seasons with the Wildcats? Josh Kinder from the Manhattan Mercury joins the show to give the guys more of an in depth look at why Leti Romero is wanting to transfer away from the K-State women’s basketball program. New MHS boys basketball coach Benjamin George stops by the studio to talk about the new job and what the future looks like next season for the Indians. All that and much more on “The Game” on KMAN.


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Benji George in studio (New MHS boys basketball coach)


High school athletes/Royals win 4-2 at Astros


Bruce Weber contract extension/K-State hoops 2014


Joshua Kinder (Manhattan Mercury) talking Leti Romero


You can’t be serious


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