“The Game” Podcast 05/01/14


Thursday’s edition of “The Game” on KMAN breaks down the Royals first complete month of the 2014 season. KC won on Wednesday night against the Blue Jays 4-2 which put the Royals at 14-12 through the month of April. Where would you grade the start for KC and has it exceeded expectations? Kansas guard Nadiir Tharpe has decided to transfer away from the Jayhawk program for his last season to be closer to his daughter. Would this move help or hurt the Kansas for the upcoming 2014 season? Doc Sadler is the new head coach of Southern Miss which means Brad Underwood appears to be staying at Stephen F. Austin. The NBA playoffs continue and it has provided fantastic games night in and night out. “Full Throttle” as always on Thursday’s plus “you can’t be serious” to close out the show as always on KMAN.


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