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“The Game” this afternoon on KMAN breaks down the KC Royals and their extra innings loss in San Diego on Monday night 6-5. Should the fans still be patient or do they need to realize that the Royals will always be just a mediocre team? The K-State baseball team had a rough go at TCU over the weekend and now get back at it against Wichita State. What do you expect to see from the bat cats down in Wichita? The K-State men’s basketball team has officially set the home and home with Georgia that will start his coming season. How difficult will the schedule be for the Wildcats this season? The NBA playoffs continue to be outstanding television. “Get Fit” plus “You can’t be serious” on “The Game” on KMAN.


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Royals fall to Padres 6-5

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John Kurtz from Wichita State


You can’t be serious


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