“The Game” Podcast 05/21/14


“The Game” on KMAN breaks down the Leti Romero transfer situation as it makes national news on ESPN’s “Outside the Lines”. Do you agree/disagree with K-State in how they are handling the situation? The Royals rally comes up short in a 7-6 loss to the White Sox. How tough is it to watch the Royals offense put up runs but the pitching staff can’t get it done? The Big 12 baseball tournament is underway minus the bat cats in Oklahoma City. The NBA playoffs continue, all that and much more on “The Game” on KMAN.


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Leti Romero on “Outside the Lines”


Royals fall 7-6 to White Sox


NBA Lottery


Panel discussion on “Outside the Lines” about Leti Romero


Reaction to Leti Romero story on ESPN


Don Hess (Manhattan high baseball coach)



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