“The Game” Podcast 06/27/14


“The Game” on KMAN breaks down a big sports weekend. The Royals finish off a 9-game homestand against the Angels in Kansas City. Can the Royals get the offense going and pick up some big wins before the All-Star break? The NBA draft is complete and the Big 12 had a nice showing. Should Andrew Wiggins have been the number one overall pick? The Chiefs sign a defensive back in the absence of Brandon Flowers. Plus another edition of the “World Cup Minute”, all that and much more on “The Game” on KMAN.


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Steve Kyler (BasketballInsiders.com)


World Cup Minute


Next K-State basketball player to be drafted in the NBA?


Chiefs overrated/underrated players


European NBA player or a name that John made up?


You can’t be serious


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