“The Game” Podcast 10/15/13


The guys on the show this afternoon dive in deep to recap Kansas State’s 35-25 loss against Baylor on Saturday. Bill Snyder’s weekly press conference was earlier in the afternoon so hear some sound from the head coach of the cats. Plus, Barry Tramel of “The Oklahoman” chimes in to give his take on the state of the Big 12 conference. The MLB Postseason still taking shape as both Championship Series’ playing today. Hard to believe its only a couple of weeks away from the start of the basketball season so the guys dive into that as well.

      Barry Tramel

Barry Tramel

      KSU vs Baylor recap

KSU vs. Baylor recap

      MLB Postseason

MLB Postseason


Daniel Sams

      Get Fit 10 15

Get Fit

      You can't be serious

You can’t be serious


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