“The Game” Podcast 7/2/14


Today on “The Game”…Royals lose yesterday, but shutout the Twins 4-0 today. John Currie announces K-State sports projected balanced budget for fiscal year 2015. Cartier Martin signs with the Pistons. Sporting KC Midfielder Sal Zizzo joins the game. “Under Further Review” and “You Can’t Be Serious”

      Sal Zizzo

Interview with Sal Zizzo. Midfielder for Sporting KC

      What do soccer players get paid

How much do soccer players make?

      World Cup Minute

John’s “World Cup Minute”/ New Oklahoma football uniforms

      Royals callers

Royals shutout the Twins 4-0 today/Couple callers say good luck to Matt

      Under Further Review

“Under Further Review”

      toughest schedule in the big 12

Who has the toughest football schedule in the Big 12?


“You Can’t Be Serious”


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