“The Game” Podcast 7/22/14


“The Game” was live at Colbert Hills today. Big 12 had day 2 of Media Days in Dallas. K-State had its turn with the media. Audio from Big 12 coaches throughout the show. Royals have lost four straight. Guests from Colbert Hills join the show. “You Can’t Be Serious” wraps it up.

      1 Snyder audio royals

Bill Snyder audio from media days/ Royals lose four straight/Troubles at TCU

      2 Chris Neal

Colbert Charity Classic Tournament Director Kris Neal

      3 Stoops Rhoads audio

Bob Stoops and Paul Rhoads audio

      4 More Snyder Audio

More Snyder audio

      5 Talor Gooch and T Lock interviews

Talor Gooch and Tyler Lockett interview

      6 Mitch Greggs

Golfer Mitch Gregson interview

      7 More Snyder and Charlie Strong audio

More Snyder and Charlie Strong audio

      8 Bernie Haney

Bernie Haney interview


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