“The Game” Podcast 7/25/14


Today on “The Game”…Royals win a crazy game in 14 innings. Charlie Strong dismisses four more players from Texas football team. What is the 2nd easiest game in K-State’s Big 12 schedule? Plenty of guests and “You Can’t Be Serious” to wrap up the week.

      1 Royals texas

Royals win in 14 innings/ More players kicked off Texas football team

      2 Chris Stewart

East Shrine Bowl team coach Chris Stewart interview

      3 Terez Paylor

Chiefs beat writer Terez Paylor interview

      4 Sam Fidone

Golfer Sam Fidone interview

      5 Royals texas

Charlie Strong is putting his foot down at Texas

      6 new blog

K-State’s 2nd Easiest Big 12 game this season?

      7 Steve Martin

West Shrine Bowl team coach Steve Martin interview

      8 ycbs

You Can’t Be Serious




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