“The Game” Podcast 7/28/14


Today on “The Game”…Royals take 3 of 4 from Cleveland. Jordy Nelson signs contract extension with Green Bay. NFL VP backs up Ray Rice suspension. Colber Charity Classic winner Drew Laning joins the show. Tadd Haislop from Sporting News is also on the show. “You Can’t Be Serious” wraps things up.

      1 Jordy royals

Jordy Nelson signs new deal with Green Bay/ Royals take 3 of 4 from Cleveland

      2 Ray Rice

NFL VP backs up suspension for Ray Rice

      3 Drew Laning

Colbert Charity Classic winner Drew Laning interview

      4 OU and KU

RB trouble for OU and KU

      5 Former Kstate athletes

Who’s the most popular former K-State players playing professional ball?

      6 Big 12 Standings

ESPN’s bloggers predict final Big 12 standings


You Can’t Be Serious


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