“The Game” Podcast 7/8/14


Today on “The Game” Corey Dean in as guest host. Marcus Foster at PG? Plus, an interview with Marcus.  Brandon Bolden & Justin Edwards to play overseas in August. James Shields dominates in his return to Tampa Bay. John’s “World Cup Minute.” “Get Fit” and “You Can’t Be Serious”

      Foster royals BJ Finney

Marcus Foster at PG? Brandon Bolden & Justin Edwards to compete overseas/ James Shields dominates in return to Tampa

      2 Foster interview

Marcus Foster Interview

      3 World Cup Minute

John’s “World Cup Minute”

      4 Get Fit

Get Fit

      5 Foster audio Bolden

Marcus Foster, Brandon Bolder and Justin Edwards audio

      6 ycbs

You Can’t Be Serious



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