The Jingle Bell Rock Has Been Found


Found along Linear Trail near the Four Points by Sheraton, Kristi L. and Stephen G. are the winners of the search for the Jingle Bell Rock.

Beginning the search on December 2, it took the two to discover the rock near an orange construction barrel and a bunch of sticks that according to Kristi “was like a little home for an animal”.

For Kristi, she has been out looking for the rock for about the past ten years and for Stephen this was his first year, but they both walked away with a number of prizes and the cash.

Below are the clues and the explanations to go along.

Clue explanations:

Clue 1, 12/2: 

December’s Decemb-ing, the north wind’s a-breezin’
Grab your coat, gloves and compass, it’s rock hunting season!
Find the Jingle Bell Rock, you’ll win big! And hey, be smart like scholars:
If you have a hunting tag and find the rock, you’ll win one thousand one hundred dollars!
(Introduction; a reminder that having a hunting tag doubles your cash prize)

Clue 2, 12/3: 

We know winter’s the season that bellies love to inflate,
Perhaps the Jingle Bell Rock can help walk off some weight?
To not only look hotter, but also make the loot yours,
Do as your parents yelled in the summer, and get outdoors!
(Rule reminder)

Clue 3, 12/4:

Now we know that this hunt can lead some to obsession,
But we’d like to avoid any Black Friday-style aggression.
If our giant sack of prizes you expect to proudly claim,
Don’t break anything or trespass, or you’re out of our Jingle game.
(Rule reminder)

Clue 4, 12/5:

“It’s so nice out today!” said no one in Kansas.
The weather’s not jolly;
but we must take what it grants us.
So to reduce your time freezing while searching around,
Know this: the Jingle Bell Rock’s on public ground.
(Rule reminder)

Clue 5, 12/6:

With the rules finished up, we can really get started.
So here’s holiday wisdom that must be imparted:
There’s a stadium that could be in the high-ranking clergy;
His only sermon: “Stay south, if you’re worthy.”
(Directional clue indicating that the rock is south of Bishop Stadium)

Clue 6, 12/9:

Our weather’s been less Kansas, more North Pole,
So here’s help for your Jingle Bell patrol:
From the main campus take thee
West of the university
That’s going to the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl
(Directional clue indicating that the rock is west of K-State campus)

Clue 7, 12/10:

The Jingle Bell Rock must be so sad and lonely out there,
Without a fireplace, chestnuts, or stockings hung with care.
To rescue our poor stone, you’ll need to be wiser than most.
So stay north of the road that’s a nearby Army post.
(Directional clue indicating that the rock is north of Fort Riley Blvd)

Clue 8, 12/11:

Last year the rock was found in quite the jolly spot,
But another kind of holiday spirit now aims at what you’ve sought.
Now that the tree and lights are up, all the seasonal decor,
Point east from the festive avenue you hang on your door.
(Directional clue indicating that the rock is east of Wreath Ave)

Clue 9, 12/12:

We pointed you festively east with yesterday’s clue,
Now a lopsided box has been drawn to search through.
To narrow it down, here’s two tips: don’t be hesitant,
And go south from the avenue of K-State’s second president.
(Directional clue indicating that the rock is south of Anderson Ave)

The G. Thomas Jewelers, Manhattan Running Company, Jingle Bell Rock is sponsored by:

Varney’s, The Fridge Wholesale Liquor, Manhattan Town Center, Alan Clark Body Shop, Merle Norman, Flint Hills Power Sports, Freddy’s Frozen Custard and Steakburgers, Briggs Auto Lane, BD4 Distributing – Cary Company, Dara’s Fast Lane, Midwest Ace, Car Clinic, Keltic Star, RB Outpost, Avalon Hair and Nail Salon, Bennington State Bank, Standard Plumbing, Brown Chevrolet, Gallery for Hair, Waters True Value, Bob’s Diner, Glen’s Music, Gambino’s, Film at Eleven, McDonald’s, Shop Quick, Max Fitness, Grand ‘Ol Trunk, Farmers State Bank, and Salon Brands.

Until next year, Happy Holidays!


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