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Riley-County-Commission-office1Discussion continued during Monday’s Riley County Commission meeting regarding County Health Department Director, Susie Kufahl’s resignation.  During recent meetings, the commission asked Kufahl and Human Resource Manager, Cindy Volanti, to further research different options of how to move forward.

The commission asked Kufahl to discuss, with her staff, the possiblity of hiring one of them as a temporary interim until the permanent position is filled.  Kufahl reported, “each and every one of them are willing to work as a team during that time, but not one of them felt they would be okay with taking on the interim position”.

Volanti was asked to research more advertising options.  The job is currently listed on web sites including:  Kansas Works and the county web site.  To advertise with the Manhattan Mercury everyday, the cost would be $1,000 per month.  The commission asked that she just look into putting the ad in on Wednesdays and Sundays.  The commission also asked about recruiting options.  Due to how expensive those services were, they decided to stick with ads to see what pool of applicants they get first.  The commission will then decide whether they received worthy candidates or not, before exploring recruiting opportunities.  Volanti mentioned, she also intends to contact the previous applicants, when Kufahl was hired, of the job vacancy.

In previous years, the discussion of beer sales at the Kaw Valley Rodeo was a popular, and somewhat controversial, item on commission agendas.  With the passing of that resolution, other groups that use the facility are now asking for the same.  County Extension Director, Jennifer Wilson brought the resolution forward for discussion and renewal.  The commission told Wilson the restrictions on alcohol will remain the same, with the exception of the rodeo.  They unanimously approved to sign the renewal.

Other renewals and resolutions signed during the meeting included-the University Parks water and sewer rate resolution and two different Riley County 911 Maintnence agreements.

During the meeting’s press conference, RCPD Captain, Kurt Muldrop gave a brief update and mentioned plans for the upcoming weekend event, Fake Patty’s Day.  Muldrop shared, not much will change from last year and officers will continue to monitor Aggieville and surrounding neighborhoods during their eight hour shifts.

Public Works Director, Leon Hobson shared final numbers for snow removal from Winter Storm Q.  With labor ($31,372) , equipment ($19,109), and materials ($8,197), the toal cost for the storm was $58,678.  Hobson compared this storm to other storms, including the sorm on December 26th which cost $66,317 and the January 29th storm which cost $53,022.

The total costs for the Public Works department for the three snow storms this season, is just over $178,000.

Other updates during the meetings included, a KAC video and bill update from County Counselor, Clancy Holeman and a road and bridge 1/2 cent sales tax update from Budget and Finance Officer, Johnette Shepek.


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