Tuttle Lake officials offer Country Stampede traffic, parking tips


Country Stampede is set to start Thursday, June 21, and Tuttle Creek Lake officials are offering tips to help event attendees find their way.

There are multiple construction projects obstructing popular routes to the state park. Through traffic to the event grounds from the west entrance off of Highway 24 is blocked by work on the stilling basin. Access to Dyer Road is also cut off from eastbound Highway 13 traffic crossing the dam due to bridge construction at the spillway.

“So far we’re working through those and the general public is starting to adapt to that fairly well,” Tuttle Creek State Park Manager Todd Lovin said during an appearance on KMAN’s “In Focus” Friday.

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Due to the closures, general traffic for Country Stampede is being routed through the east entrance to the park. The entrance is located off of Highway 13 and down River Pond Road.

“You cross the dam to get into that,” said Tuttle Creek Lake U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Operations Project Manager Brian McNulty. “There are signs at Tuttle Creek Boulevard that says Highway 13 is closed, but local traffic can still get in and that’s the access to the state park.”

To lessen the gridlock, there is a secondary entrance for attendees with V.I.P. tickets and vendors. Stampede officials recommend accessing that entrance by exiting Highway 24 at Barnes Road and following it until it turns into Dyer Road. The entrance will be through a gate off of Dyer near the Little Grill that leads onto Beech Drive and into the park.

“That is not for general parking or campground use, it will be only for ticketed V.I.P. individuals who will use that gate,” said Lovin. “If you’re not V.I.P., dont go that direction because you’ll be turning around likely and going back around the regular way.”

Lovin also said they will be directing traffic at that entrance to help with safety.

“At some of those critical intersections there will be some police presence to ensure that helps a lot [with traffic],” he said.

Lovin said to expect longer waits and some lines while entering the park.

“Prepare for that a little bit, be patient and all that and it should work out,” said Lovin.

He also urged attendees to be responsible and make good choices at the end of the day.

“Of course, gotta mention don’t drink and drive.”

The general parking lot opens at 9 a.m. and cars must be removed from the lot by 3 a.m. For more information, visit the Country Stampede site.


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