Two years after fire damaged Hale Library, renovations nearing completion


Hale Library’s Great Room view from the fourth floor. (courtesy photo)

Friday marks the two year anniversary of Hale Library fire, causing most of the location to be closed since.

KMAN spoke with Dean Lori Goetsch about what the has been going on at the library since. Goetsch says they were planning on having the second floor reopened to the students back in March, but were stopped due to the pandemic.

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Goetsch says fortunately, the pandemic has not slowed down any of the renovations or restorations. In fact, they have been moving forward more quickly without students in the building.

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The first floor of the library had been open since August, with the second floor set to open back in March. Goetsch says the new part of the building she is looking forward to the most is a new innovation lab.

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Goetsch says she and her staff are anxious and excited to the library back open to the students. The past two years have been hard on the staff since they haven’t been able to serve the public. Not only is the staff excited, but so are the students.

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Goetsch says the graduated seniors sent them the pictures they took in front of the library for their graduation photos.

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