U-S Senate Candidate Visits Manhattan


A newly announced candidate in the 2014 Kansas GOP primary for the U-S Senate will be visited the Flint Hills Tea Party’s monthly meeting Saturday morning at the Manhattan Public Library.

Dr. Milton Wolf announced his intentions to run against incumbent Senator Pat Roberts Tuesday.

“I can give you 17 trillion reasons why we need to replace the current career politicians in Washington. Our National Debt is crushing our economy and it threatens our future. I’ll give you 600 billion reasons why we need to replace our Senator, Pat Roberts. That’s the size of the tax increase he voted for just this year. But I’ll give you 11 reasons why we need to do this now. That’s the number of times that Senator Pat Roberts voted to increase the debt ceiling and gotten us into this mess,” said Dr. Wolf “The reason I’m running, is that America needs to re-embrace that divinely inspired American idea, and that is individual liberty, limited government and free market values.”

Dr. Wolf is a board certified radiologist, author, Washington Times columnist, and Fox News contributor. He is also one of President Barack Obama’s cousins. Wolf was born and raised in Lyons in central Kansas. He now practices radiology in the Kansas City area and has been an outspoken critic of ObamaCare.

To learn more about Dr. Milton Wolf’s campaign, visit miltonwolf.com


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