UFM Participates In World Record Attempt


UFM Community Learning Center held a World’s Largest Swimming Lesson event, Tuesday morning in the K-State Natatorium. 30 participants of all ages took part in an effort to break the World record, which was set in 2012 at 24,873 participants.

“The Guiness World Record is the largest simultaneous swimming lesson across the world,” said Kayla Oney, education coordinator for UFM.

UFM also took the opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of swimming lessons, especially for children. Research shows participation in formal swimming lessons can reduce the risk of drowning by 88% among children aged 1-4.

In the summer, most kids spend a lot of time around the pool, so its important that they know water safety and they know how to correctly swim. That way they can be safe and they don’t drown and they stay out of trouble,” said Kayle Campbell, swim program coordinator for UFM.

The UFM Community Learning Center offers American Red Cross swimming lessons to those of all ages in the Manhattan area, year-round. To learn more, visit www.tryufm.org



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