Unemployment Numbers Down in Manhattan


Recent unemployment numbers have been released.

For the Manhattan Metropolitan area, which includes Geary, Pottawatomie and Riley Counties numbers have decreased from 6.3 percent in July to 5.9 in August.  This is also down from August of last year, which was also 6.3 percent.

For the City of Manhattan, August numbers were at 4.9 percent, which is down from the 5.2 in July and the 5.3 percent from August of last year.

Clay County is sitting at 4.9 percent, Geary County is at 8.0 percent, Pottawatomie County is at 5.6 percent and Riley County is at 5.1 percent.

The Manhattan Metropolitan area continues to compare favorably to other metro areas in the state. The August numbers of 5.9 percent tie with Lawrence/Douglas county’s rate, for the lowest in the state.

The City of Manhattan also is faring well, with the fourth lowest in the state. Manhattan’s 4.9 percent compares to Leawood’s with 3.9 percent, Shawnee’s 4.5, and Dodge City’s 4.6 percent.


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