US Army Corps of Engineers Use Memorial Day to Offer Flood Reminders


Recent thunderstorm activity has seen flash flooding concerns take center stage, but the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers are recognizing Memorial Day as National Dam Safety Awareness Day.

The operations project manager at Tuttle Creek, Brian McNulty, tells Newsradio KMAN the Corps wants to remind people to be prepared, even though the larger floods are a rarity.

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McNulty adds that local emergency management agencies are working to be better prepared for large flooding events, as well. In 2019, the flood pool at Tuttle Creek reached 99-ponit-six percent, heightening concerns about the potential release of water from the lake.

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McNulty, tells Newsradio KMAN one preparedness item is ensuring that you have flood insurance in place.

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As always, preparedness is the key, says McNulty, such as planning forward for things like having your prescriptions ready or how to handle evacuating your pets.


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