USD 320 Budget Approved


USD-320Wamego’s USD 320 approves next year’s budget with a slight increase. At Monday’s Board of Education meeting, Board President Amy Schwein opens the first meeting of the new school year. This was also the Public Budget Hearing, and Superintendent Denise O’Dea went over a detailed summary of how the budget is determined.

Citizen Bill Karnowski was the only one in attendance to dispute some of the figures. Since the budget called for a mill levy increase, Karnowski took exception with the Unencumbered Cash Balance as published, showing over 6-million in reserve at the end of fiscal year 20-13. None of the board members addressed this cash reserve account.

Board member Richard Weixelman made a motion to accept the budget less the 2 mill Capital Outlay allocation, which amounted to a mill levy increase of point 705 percent (.705%). The vote was 5 to 2 with Weixelman and Board member Richey Chrest opposing.


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