USD 383 employees to be paid during school closures

Employee pay
Manhattan-Ogden USD 383 employees will continue to be paid during this current shutdown.
During the school board meeting Wednesday, Business Services Director Lew Faust presented how each employee group will be paid.
      Faust 1
Hourly employees of less than 12 month will be paid normally for the spring break week before the closure.  Classified payment for the two weeks of closure will be based on the average hours work per day.  This will be based off a two-month sample.
      Faust 2
This committed pay is based on the waiver from the state level and the current legislation signed by the governor on Wednesday.
Education planning
USD 383 officials are working to continue education for students with the peer-to-peer classes suspended.
During the board meeting Wednesday, Teaching and Learning Executive Director Paula Hough says they have been sending out different surveys to parents in the district.
      Hough 1
Hough says this survey will help them understand what capacity of technology the students have.  They can then use that information to better plan out how they can continue education.  Along with the student and parent survey, the district is also sending one out for staff.
      Hough 2
The face-to-face option would only be in small groups of less than 10 people as per CDC guidelines.  The packet option is sending a packet of documents to the students containing lessons and homework.
Nutritional program
Manhattan-Ogden USD 383 nutrition services have fed over 2,000 students this week during the shutdown.
Speaking to the board of education, Child Nutrition Director Stephanie Smith says they have nine locations open to feed students, with three more opening.
      Smith 1
The total number of students fed on Monday was 521, Tuesday was around 900 and then 1,091 on Wednesday.  These meals contain both lunch for the children and breakfast for the next day.
      Smith 2
Smith says they will any child who shows up, regardless of if they are in the district or not.  However, the child does have to present for them to be able to hand off the meal.  This is per USDA regulations.

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